REX-001, a BM-MNC Enriched Solution, Induces Revascularization of Ischemic Tissues in a Murine Model of Chronic Limb-Threatening Ischemia


Background: Bone Marrow Mononuclear Cells (BM-MNC) constitute a promising alternative for the treatment of Chronic Limb-Threatening ischemia (CLTI), a disease characterized by extensive blockade of peripheral arteries, clinically presenting as excruciating pain at rest and ischemic ulcers which may lead to gangrene and amputation. BM-MNC implantation has shown to be efficient in promoting angiogenesis and ameliorating ischemic symptoms in CLTI patients. However, the variability seen between clinical trials makes necessary a further understanding of the mechanisms of action of BM-MNC, and moreover, to improve trial characteristics such as endpoints, inclusion/exclusion criteria or drug product compositions, in order to implement their use as stem-cell therapy.

innovative cell therapies
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