Rexgenero-France to present Off-the-Shelf CAR-T Therapy nanoparticle data at PEGS Europe 2020


Rexgenero-France (previously, a preclinical stage biotech company developing an off-the-shelf and universal chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T therapy which allows in vivo targeting and transduction of T-cells, today announces that Dr. Charles DUCHÊNE will present new data at The PEGS Europe Virtual Conference on Wednesday, 11 November, 2020 at 11:35 am CET.

Rexgenero-France’s T-cell targeting nanoparticles (NPs) are created by coating bald-lentivectors, encoding for the Chimeric Antigen Receptor, with a biodegradable polymeric envelope (oligo-peptide end-modified poly(beta amino ester)s). Anti-CD3 targeting moieties grafted at the surface of the nanoparticle direct the synthetic vector towards the T-cells. These NPs are used as therapeutic agents to generate in vivo CAR-T therapy.

At PEGS, the latest physicochemical data will be presented, demonstrating the suitability of these NPs for in vivo applications.

“In contrast to approved ex vivo CAR T-cell therapies, our proprietary polymeric nanoparticle platform enables in vivo targeting and transduction of T-cells, without the need for costly dedicated manufacturing sites for T-cells modification. Our nanoparticle data, generated using Horiba’s instruments, gives us greater confidence in our process control during manufacturing but also for ensuring regulatory compliant characterization of our lentivector and nanomedicine-based gene therapy products in the future,” Dr. Cecile Bauche, Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer, at Rexgenero, said. “Thanks again to Horiba for inviting us to present at PEGS Europe 2020, and further demonstrate the power and potential of our CAR T-cell platform.”

Event: PEGS Conference 2020

Date: 11 November 2020

Session: Analytical Characterisation

Title: Off-the-Shelf CAR-T Therapy-using Hybrid NPs: Physicochemical Characterization

Time: 11:35 am

Location: Online

Conference Link:

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