Naturally therapeutic cells

Cell therapies are a type of treatment that use living therapeutic cells to treat disease

These therapeutic cells help correct imbalances that occur during cancer, tissue damage, infection, or other disease processes. Naturally occurring examples include progenitor cells (unspecialized cells that can differentiate into many other types of cell) and immune cells (that regulate inflammation in the body and fight cancers and infections).

Cell therapies can potentially treat a wide range of diseases by regenerating damaged tissues or eliminating diseased cells, including cancers. Therapeutic cells used in cell therapies may originate from the patient themselves (referred to as autologous) or from a donor (allogeneic).

Therapeutic cells can be used without being altered or after having their effectiveness enhanced through exposure to stimulatory molecules (such as cytokines or growth factors) or genetic modification.

Gene therapy treatments involve modifying genes within target cells with the aim of changing the course of disease.

By modifying certain genes, it is possible to correct genetic defects that cause diseases, such as cystic fibrosis, or to enable specific cell types (such as immune T cells) to more effectively attack cancers, infections and other diseases.

Our approach

Ixaka’s advanced cell therapies use the natural therapeutic power of cells to cure disease.

Our technologies enhance the intrinsic therapeutic power of certain human cells with the potential to treat, and even cure, a wide range of serious diseases with a low risk of side effects.

We achieve this either by directing therapeutic cells to the site of disease with our Multi-Cell Therapies (MCT) or through direct genetic modification of cells within the body with our Targeted nanoparticles (TNP) to enhance disease targeting and their therapeutic effect.

Our bioengineered cell therapies are targeted to regenerate tissues, destroy diseased cells or produce beneficial genetic modifications. The disease applications include cancers (both blood-borne and solid tumors), degenerative cardiovascular diseases, genetic disorders, and neurological and ocular diseases.

Ixaka’s flexible technology platform offers potentially dramatic improvements across a wide range of serious diseases where current treatment options are poor.

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